With the knowledge of world concentrated in a powerful device, learning has taken a new form i.e. e-learning. In simple words, it is learning or acquiring knowledge of a specific subject over an online platform.

E-learning has made it possible for everyone to have a reach of the information where their interest lies in. Advanced use of technology has enabled the user to learn anytime and anywhere via the Internet.

Champ Info Software provides e-learning solution to all their customers who are looking for an affordable, full-service and innovative solution to transfer critical knowledge from those who have it, to those who need it. We cater to the varied learning needs of diverse learners and make sure the solution we provide is according to the needs of learning aspirants.

Our e-learning solution helps in :
  • Creating and managing lessons.
  • Creating effective online courses and to manage learning and collaborative activities on the web.
  • Creating online exercise, track them and see what the results were.
  • Creating online time-based tests with multiple choices.
  • Creating a module for announcements, chats, discussions forums and more.
  • Experienced IT Professionals.
  • Strong capabilities of e-Learning Domain.