Champ Info Software focus is to optimize client satisfaction. Therefore, before implementing any product on client server, we make sure that proper training is provided for the following.

  • Installation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance upgrading
  • Disposal of a product
Training Options
  • On-Site Training

    This training program is given to follow a cost-effective approach and to facilitate the organizational learning and development goals to enhance team’s skills.

  • Webinar Training

    We provide network based trainings via internet technologies, particularly TCP/IP to foster interactive conferences and online workshops to be shared with remote villages.

  • Phone Training

    We provide software training over the phone. It is one of the most convenient ways to guide a client. Moreover, it allows us to train more than one people at a time.

Training Types
  • Administrator Training

    System administrators are key personnel for maintaining, modifying and administering an organization technology system. We provide training to the system administrator to meet the changing needs of an organization. Our extensive multi-day training provides system administrators with the basic and advanced knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

  • End User Training

    The most important step for successful system implementation is end user training to determine how successful your product and service is in the market.

    Champ Info Software has its expertise in implementation but, we are also concerned with the staff on the other end to use our services comfortably and confidently.

    We recognize that satisfying the needs of staff members is important to ensure a smooth transition. Our trainers provide onsite and hands-on instruction to help directors and other staff members familiarize themselves with Client Track.